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Director, Juliet St John

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Helping ordinary people live extraordinary lives!

Creating leaders who create leaders, become financially free and see the world!

What is your Why?

Let's shift our thinking.  Let's imagine it is 40-50 years from now and you are in your final stages of life.  You begin to think about all of the things you've done.  You evaluate your successes and your regrets.  What do you feel good about? What is the thing that if you accomplish it, you will feel proud, satisfied and complete? What is it that you ABSOLUTELY have to accomplish?

You got it?  Write it down.  In fact, write down about 5 things that you feel strongly about. 

That is your WHY.

Take a good long look at your list.  Who do you have to be and are you willing to do what is necessary to achieve it?

You can do it! Here's what it takes!

  • Desire - How Bad Do You Want It?
  • Make A Decision - Get M.A.D.
  • Commit to F.O.C.U.S - Follow One Course Until Successful
  • Take Action Immediately!

We BELIEVE in you and your success! 

If you believe, get started today!  Because of your belief, commitment and hard work, you will SUCCEED!

It's your Time 2 Win!



Surge365 Recorded Overview Call 


*Juliet St John Leadership Call*


9:30pm est

712-432-0075 pin 474053#

Replay 712-432-1085 pin 474053#



Your Team Call

Wednesdays 6:25pm eastern

712-432-0900 pin 250247#


*The VIEW*

(Variety of Ideas to Enrich Wealth)

Mon - Fri

7:30am est

712-432-0075 pin 261118#

Replay 712-432-1085 pin 261118# 


Please see the team calendar for additional calls and events  

 Team Believe & Succeed

Winners WIN!



Please remember that your first person to call for assistance is your Team Leader.  If you need additional assitance ask your Power Team Leader to get you on a 3-way with one of the leaders listed below to get your questions answered.


Ann Brown - 301-613-8582 (Expertise: Events, Travel, Training, Sandals)

Nick Brown - 301-613-8234 (Expertise: Events, Training, Travel)

Phillip Caton - 240-490-0944 (Expertise: Taxes, Ministry, Sandals)

Rhonda Jones - 301-906-1893 (Expertise: Travel, Cruises, Training, Fam Trips, Bus Trips)

Larry Williams - 202-320-1506 (Expertise:  Travel, Promotions, Fam Trips)

Vincent Peden - 301-802-6830 (Expertise:  Travel, Promotions, Fam Trips, Airlines, Bus Trips)

Keonte Palmer - 240-601-4481 (Expertise: Travel, Training) 

Michele McDaniel - 301-537-4359 (Expertise:  Cruises, Travel, Training, Fam Trips)






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